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Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act.

HIPAA Is The Initialism For The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act. Generally The HIPAA Regulations Includes Patient Privacy And Security Regulations Which Are Series Of Legislation That Portray The US Government’s Efforts To Regulate The Healthcare Industry.

HIPAA Insists That Any Organization That Stores Or Transmits Patient Information Must Take Enterprise-Wide Steps To Adhere To HIPAA's Sweeping Privacy, Security And Transactions Standards. Essentially, HIPAA Requires Healthcare Entities To Ensure That They Protect Personal Health Information And The Privacy Rights Of Patients.


At HRV, your trust is our top priority. As a HIPAA-compliant business associate, we take patient privacy and security seriously. We've implemented (quantify] rigorous security measures like firewalls and secure encryption to protect your Protected Health Information (PHI) at every step. This includes securely storing temporary patient records and encrypting all electronic claims transmissions. We constantly adapt to meet the evolving HIPAA regulations and regularly communicate updates to our team to ensure the highest standards of confidentiality. To learn more about our commitment to HIPAA compliance, please visit our website or contact us directly.

HIPAA – Compliance / Security

At HRV, patient confidentiality is more than just a regulation - it's our unwavering commitment. Every aspect of your data, from routine procedures and voice recordings to document management and secure cloud storage, consistently adheres to and surpasses the strictest HIPAA regulations. This means you can have complete peace of mind knowing your information is always protected.

The Services At HRV Are Designed To Assure HIPAA Compliance In The Following Way:

Recordable Media Ban

Any Recordable Media Is Strictly Prohibited Within The Facility.

Electronic Devices Ban

No Electronic Devices Allowed Into The Production Area.

24x7 CCTV

The Entire Premises Is Under 24x7 CCTV Surveillance.

Biometric Access

Entry To Production Floor Is Restricted, With Entry / Exit Via Biometric Access Only.

Password Protected

The Production Area And The Servers, Switches And/Or Nodes Are ALL Password Protected, At All Times.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions For Your Requirements.